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DogWatch Receiver Battery - Lithium 3.0 Volt

By DogWatch

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To ensure that your Dog Watch receiver provides optimal performance, we recommend that you change the battery in your receiver at the specified interval. Refer to the chart below for exact battery change specs. Also, be sure to verify your DogWatch receiver from the images shown below.   Note: If your receiver image does not appear below, please consider the 3.6 Lithium Volt battery before ordering.

Our batteries meet the exact brand and specification requirements of the DogWatch® company. High volume sales of these batteries enables us to provide only the freshest batteries, and our DogWatch® batteries are individually packaged for maximum protection, assuring the longest shelf life. Beware of suppliers who improperly co-mingle batteries in bulk units, which can shorten battery life or cause premature discharge.

Also available with battery cap. The DogWatch company recommends replacing the battery cap when you replace the battery to avoid stripping the cap slot. This will also ensure a proper seal for water resistance. 

*Note: Postal Regulations restrict air transport of Lithium Batteries, and we are unable to ship batteries via Next Day Air. Please order with standard shipping

Batteries can be ordered individually as needed, or in packaged sets for discounted pricing.

Tip: Create a reminder in your smart phone or computer calendar to change the battery at the suggested interval.

3.0 volt Lithium Battery

Used in the following receivers:

 R7 Receivers 

Srvc Life: 6 months

Shelf Life: 5 years

 R7 Mini Receivers

Srvc Life: 6 months

Shelf Life: 5 years

 R6 Receivers

Srvc Life: 4 months

Shelf Life: 5 years

Identify your DogWatch receiver:


      R7 Mini Receiver          R7 Receiver

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