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About Us

We're here to help you care for your pet

It can be very confusing with all the choices you have, in deciding what products are truly best for your pets. With over 40 years in the pet industry, we know that "mass-market" pet products often don't live up to the hype and more often than not are of an inferior quality. It has always been our mission to help you identify beneficial products and make it as easy as possible for you to obtain them.

Carefully selected products for training, and even pampering your pets

We are committed to providing quality and innovative products - some that solve and prevent pet problems - others that help you better care for your pet companions. Each of the products featured in our AlphaPet® collection is carefully selected and tested. And when it comes to safety, we have been providing DogWatch Hidden Fence systems to thousands of pet owners for over 25 years. Our experience and expertise in installation and training enables us to help you best with your pets' safety and containment needs.

And if you've been searching for that special bed or designer dish, you'll probably find it here. Or maybe you've been looking for something special for your pet to wear, the perfect toy for your pet's playtime, or the absolute best treats... yep, they're here too! And much, much more (but just enough to ensure quality, without compromise).

Professional products for trainers, pets and their people

To help pet professionals and pet owners deal with training and behavior problems, we offer the finest remote trainers and bark collars by Tritronics (Garmin), as well as the new DogWatch BigLeash with Good Vibrations remote trainers, and indoor solutions to help pet owners manage their pets inside the home. These products are especially important, as they are easy to use and will surely add to the special bond you can have with your pet companions.

True to our AlphaPet® name, we are the leader in educating pet owners about using remote trainers for "pro-active training reinforcement". We like to say "train them well - and you can take them anywhere..."™, resulting in happy pets and happier people!

Gifts for Giving ... and pampering ourselves too!

Because we are animal lovers and appreciate the gift of companionship our pets give to us, we find special joy in being surrounded by nature. So we are always on the search for unique and sometimes whimsical animal themed gifts to add to our AlphaPet® collection - gifts for you, and for giving to your friends.

Find what you need, without the clutter

We want your visit at AlphaPet® to be enjoyable and your discovery of products to help you care for your pet to be stress and hassle free. To that end, we have tried to keep our website simple and make navigation intuitive and utilitarian. And we're really pleased to be able to make it user friendly for Tablet and Smart Phone access.

If you decide to place an order with us, we will do everything "humanly" possible to earn your trust.

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