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Thunder Wunders Cat Calming Paw Gel

Thunder Wunders Cat Calming Paw Gel

By Thundershirt

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Calms and soothes your cat while they groom themselves!

Apply vet recommended ThunderWunders Cat Calming Paw Gel on your cat’s paw to help promote calming and relaxation in stressful situations, like travel, vet visits, visitors, changes in the home, and more! Through natural ingredients, like oat, chamomile, and passionflower, the gel helps to calm and soothe your cat while they clean themselves.  Simply apply the gel to you cat’s paw, and watch them lick their anxiety away!

We know quarantine life has been very stressful. Our pets are also struggling with their new routines and they may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety when their human companions may be experiencing higher levels of stress (a process called "emotional contagion").

  • Vets recommend this easy to use calming gel for situational anxiety in cats.
  • Can help reduce stress during travel, vet visits, and when there are changes in the home, like a visitor or a new family member, in addition to other situations that may cause anxiousness.
  • Ingredients include oat, chamomile, Passion flower, and catnip to help calm and soothe your cat.
  • Simply apply 1 inch of ThunderWunders Cat Calming Paw Gel to the top of your cat's paw, and they will begin cleaning themselves, and benefit from the calming ingredients of the gel.

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