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Panamax M1DF Hidden Fence Surge Protector

Panamax M1DF Hidden Fence Surge Protector

By Panamax

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The  M1DF is engineered by the most respected name in surge protection. Panamax surge protectors are used by the leading names in home theatre and A/V electronics. 

Protect your electronic hidden fence from lightening and power surges. Lightening strikes and power surges are the leading cause of damage to Hidden Dog Fence system transmitters.

If lightening strikes, not only can it damage the transmitter, but every inch of wire, buried or exposed, is also vulnerable. This easy to use surge protector plugs directly into your wall outlet. The M1DF dual protects the transmitter wires from the perimeter loop and the transmitter as well as the AC plug. This small, yet powerful surge protector also guards your in-ground dog fence system from power surges.

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