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DogWatch BigLeash V10 Remote Trainer

DogWatch BigLeash Remote Trainer, Model V-10

By DogWatch

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The V-10 Vibration Trainer includes the same great features as the S-15 Remote Trainer, but without the stimulation. 

This BigLeash Remote Trainer offers 10 vibration levels plus an audible tone. Both the vibration signal and the audible tone can be used effectively for training (like “clicker training” but with more benefits, options and flexibility) and it provides an easy way to communicate with your dog, especially when he is too distracted or too far away to hear your verbal command. The vibration signal is also a great way to communicate with dogs who are hearing impaired.

We recommend that you also consider the "S-15" Model, especially for occasions when your dog needs a stronger correction.

Sometimes dog training is more effective when your dog associates the behavioral correction with the behavior rather than with the person correcting him. If his behavior is corrected anonymously, he will think his action caused the correction and will learn to avoid the behavior even when you aren't there to supervise him. An anonymous correction is not possible with other training approaches. DogWatch BigLeash™ with Good Vibrations™ trainers, with exclusive two-way communication will help you train your canine companion to be well-behaved and safe!

There are times when remote application of a behavior correction is important - like when your dog is 50 feet away from you in the park and about to jump on someone. A remote correction is not possible with other training approaches. BigLeash to the rescue - up to 1/2 mile range!

Your dog is happiest when he knows he is pleasing you - you can see it in his tail. But without training, he may not understand what is 'good dog' behavior and what is 'bad dog' behavior. As far as he knows, he is just doing what comes naturally - being a dog.

The New FireFly Receiver has all the important benefits of the original Big Leash plus it provides a built-in light to help you keep track of your dog at night. The FireFly light can be remotely activated from the BigLeash Transmitter.

Note: The collar strap provided with the 1 Dog training system is BLACK. If a 2 dog training system is ordered, the second collar strap is ORANGE (to help differentiate between Dog 1 and Dog 2).

You can also order an Extra Receiver as an add-on, after initially purchasing a 1 Dog training system (thus converting it to a 2 Dog system). This Extra Receiver can then be "married" to the original transmitter. The collar strap provided with the Extra Receiver is ORANGE

Suitable for dogs as small as 8 lbs., as well as medium and large breed dogs.

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  • 10 Vibration Levels (V-10 Model)
  • Dedicated Audible and Vibration buttons so you can easily customize the corrections for your dog
  • Exclusive two-way communication between hand-held transmitter and receiver collar
  • Reliable working range up to 1/2 mile
  • Two dog capability (second collar purchased separately)
  • Dog 1 Collar strap (Black); Dog 2 Collar strap (Orange)
  • Transmitter retains separate settings for each dog
  • Switch from Dog 1 to Dog 2 with the push of a button!
  • Safety Mode setting (no audible, no vibration)
  • Waterproof receiver collar; water resistant transmitter
  • Long lasting quick re-charge lithium polymer battery
  • Unique LCD Display keeps you fully informed and safely connected with your dog
  • Two year limited warranty


Effective Training

With the "V-10" DogWatch BigLeash™ Remote Trainer, training your dog is easy, safe, and effective. Remote trainers have been used safely as an effective behavioral training tool for more than forty years. You have the option of using the dedicated "V" Correction Button for a Vibration signal, or a separate dedicated button to activate an audible sound. The mode you select will depend on your dog and your personal preference. In addition, there is a dedicated FireFly light that can be remotely activated. 

When working with 2 dogs, the two collars are set independently. You simply select either the "1" or "2" button. The setting applicable for each dog is retained in memory.

We recommend that you also consider the "S-15" Model, especially for occasions when your dog needs a stronger correction. 

Precise Timing

One of the benefits of using a remote trainer is that the behavior correction can be more precisely applied in association with the behavior. Keeping the training message clear helps your dog learn.

Consistency is key

Make your training message precise and keep it consistent, and your dog will understand what you expect. He'll be happier - and so will you.

Training Versatility

The Dog Watch BigLeash 10 Level Vibration Trainer is very useful for "sensitive" dogs; and dogs that are "hearing impaired". Can also be used as a "clicker trainer" alternative and is more effective than conventional clicker training, especially when your dog is not close enough to hear a clicker. Finally, with the vibration feature, you can train your dog to respond up to 1/2 mile away!

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