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Dog Rocks - Prevent Urine Burn

Dog Rocks - Prevent Urine Burn

By Dog Rocks

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Finally, Spring Has Arrived! Now You Can Enjoy Your Lush Green Lawn...

Now it's time to use Dog Rocks® to stop pet urine from ruining your lawn, grass, shrubs and hedging.

100% Natural. Proven & hassle free prevention from canine lawn urine burn patches. No medication required. Does NOT alter pH balance in any way.

Dogs produce nitrates as a by-product from the protein in their diet. The overload of nitrates in urine will cause lawns to burn.

Dog Rocks are a coherent Rock with a mechanically stable framework. It does not break down or leach anything into the pet's drinking water. It provides a stable matrix and a micro porous medium in which active components are able to act as a water purifying agent through ion exchange. For this reason, when placed in your dog's drinking water, Dog Rocks will help purify the water by removing some nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements thereby giving your dog a cleaner source of water.

Discovered in Australia, these rocks are naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock.

Replace Dog Rocks every 2 months for best results.

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