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Cat Salt & Pepper Holder & Metal Sculpture

Cat Salt & Pepper Holder & Metal Sculpture

By Yardbird

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Artful and Functional too!

This whimsical conversation piece will bring smiles and cheer to your home environment. Handcrafted in Kentucky, USA, this metal sculpture is as “green” as “green” can be. Made from materials that include scrap metals from garden tools, car parts, farm implements, bicycle parts and mufflers. The artist has saved rejected metal parts from ending up in a landfill, while creating a piece that will beautify your home or garden, or where ever it is displayed! Sure to be passed on as a family heir loom and treasured forever.

This functional metal sculpture is designed for indoor use (as well as outdoor patios). If kept outdoors it will naturally rust with age. If you wish to preserve it for indoor use, we recommend treating your metal sculpture with a clear acrylic enamel spray, like Krylon® or Rustoleum®.

Note: This item requires special packing and handling. Please allow up to two or three weeks for delivery.

Measurements: 6.5"W x 6.5"L x 7"H (Shakers ARE included)

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