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DogWatch Smart Fence System Outdoor Self-Install Kit

By DogWatch

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The Next Generation of Pet Fencing - It's here today!

The SmartFence™ underground fence system combines DogWatch patented FM radio technology and all the features of our award winning Performance System with new mobile connectivity features. With the SmartFence, your dog will stay safe and happy, and you’ll stay connected – wherever you are!

Exclusive Smart Fence Features:

  • Boundary Wire Alerts - Sends an alert if the boundary wire is disconnected or broken. A notification will appear on the Web App and will disappear when the boundary wire is repaired.
  • Battery Status Alerts - Sends an alert when it’s time to replace the SmartCollar™ battery. A notification will appear on the WebApp and will disappear when the battery is replaced.
  • Power Loss Alerts - Sends an alert if the power goes out and the Transmitter starts running on PowerPak™ battery back-up. A notification will appear on the WebApp and will disappear when the Transmitter is reconnected to power.
  • Collar Connectivity Alerts - Sends an alert if your SmartCollar does not connect with the Communication Portal – for example, if your collar’s battery is dead, if your collar is damaged from a dog chew or if the collar is out of range of the Portal. A notification will appear on the Web App and will disappear when the SmartCollar™ reconnects to the Portal.
  • Transmitter Connectivity Alerts - Sends an alert if the Portal loses its connection with the Transmitter for more than one hour. This could be triggered by a loss of power, lightning or surge damage. A notification will appear on the Web App and will disappear when the Transmitter signal reconnects to the Portal.
  • Customizable Notifications - Set which Alerts you want turned ON or OFF. You can also choose between email notifications, text message notifications or both.
  • Activity Tracking - Monitor your pet’s daily, weekly, and monthly activity levels. Find out if your dog has been Active, Moderately Active, Lightly Active, or Resting.

See Spot Stop - running away, and chasing cars! Best of all, your dog can run and play throughout your entire yard without being tethered (and tangled). The DogWatch® Hidden Fence System is a proven way to keep your dog on your property 24 hours a day. It's been thoroughly tested for safety, and veterinarians throughout the U.S. use DogWatch® to protect their pets and recommend it to their clients. The system works with all breeds five months or older. It's effective after just a few simple training sessions, and there's no limit to the number of dogs a system can watch. Unlike a wooden or chain link fence, your dog can't jump over or dig under it. And a DogWatch® Hidden Fence can cost substantially less than traditional fencing.

A complete self-install system kit includes a transmitter with an AC adapter (plugs into a standard household outlet); one receiver/collar; a Smart Fence Portal with ethernet cable (plugs into your home WI-FI; a bundle of 100 perimeter training flags; a DogWatch lightening surge protector; an owners' installation manual. You can order perimeter wire and additional receiver/collars separately. If you have any questions or require assistance prior to ordering, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-PET GIFT (1-800-738-4438), Monday thru Saturday, 

Hours: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. eastern time.

Note: To ensure that you receive the correct size collar for your pet(s), please be sure to measure the circumference of the middle of your pet's neck. The collar strap size selected should be in the adjustable range provided.

We are an authorized distributor of DogWatch® for our customers in Westchester (NY), Putnam (NY), Greenwich (CT), New Canaan (CT), Stamford (CT), Darien (CT), Cos Cobb (CT), and New York City. Installation service is also available. If you are outside of these areas, please contact the DogWatch Company at 800-793-3436, or visit their website: www.dogwatch.com

Please Note: We can not honor orders or ship this item outside our authorized distribution area.

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